Main objective

Growing computing power, expanding data collection and greater analysis of available datasets is leading to misuse of data and data breaches and attacks in many organizations in different sectors. Some of these sectors include financial industries, medical and healthcare industries, data-based businesses, utility companies and educational institutions.

As a result, data privacy management, identity management (personal privacy) and data that is commercially sensitive or related to national security are huge concerns and it is important for organizations to safeguard their data from hackers. Organizations might be keen to share data but want to restrict whom they are sharing information with and what information they want to share. 

The main goal of the enCRYPTON project is to increase the innovation capacity of SU and enhance the consortium’s scientific quality and research excellence within PET.
SÜ aims to become an international PET excellence hub focusing on homomorphic encryption (HE) schemes, its applications in federated learning (FL), and secure multi-party computation (SMC), which will provide solutions for data privacy problems.