Secure Societies 2024: Horizon Europe Cluster 3 Brokerage Event in Istanbul

ISO Odakule Yerleşkesi, Istanbul

April 30, 2024

Secure Societies 2024: Horizon Europe Cluster 3 Brokerage Event will be held on 30 April 2024 at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) Odakule Campus. The event aims to bring together public authorities responsible for civil security in Europe, law enforcement forces, first responders, universities conducting security research, research organizations and defense industry companies and to enable them to cooperate in Cluster 3 2024 calls.

Stakeholders who will attend the event will not only gain valuable information about the 2024 call topics of the Secure Societies field, but will also have the opportunity to meet potential project partners operating in the field of civil security and form consortiums and network face to face to take part in Horizon Europe Program supported projects.

This brokerage event is specially planned for organizations wishing to participate in projects within the scope of Horizon Europe Cluster 3: Secure Societies 2024 Calls. Activity; It appeals to a wide range of participants, especially police, gendarmerie, coast guard, customs enforcement, first responders, research institutions, universities, end users, SMEs or private sector organizations working on civil security.

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