Dear Participants,

Arriving to Istanbul and Reaching SU Campus

We presume that if you are coming from outside Turkiye, you’ll be arriving in İstanbul through an airline flight. In İstanbul there are two international airports namely:

Arriving to SU Campus

Once you arrive at our campus, you will pass through a security checkpoint at the main entrance and once cleared you will be given an ID card with your name printed on it. You’ll use this ID card to access the granted services during your stay.

  • Summer School will take place in Sabancı University Tuzla Campus, in the EDU building, Room 2317.
  • EDU building is labeled as number #3
    The Dorm is marked as #B13 on the map.
  • Social activities will take place in the FMAN building, Room 1092.
  • On the evening of August 28th, there will be a BBQ in the courtyard of the FMAN building.


if you have any questions about the workshop

Summer School Zoom Link

How to connect to Wi-Fi?

A guest user account will be provided for network access. Using this account you will be able to connect to the SABANCIUNIV network and access the internet.